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4 sierpnia 2000

What defines who we are?

writing with Frikey Slender

Oliver Wright
21 years old / student at the University of Portsmouth / teacher-to-be

His parents were, without a shadow of a doubt, truly meant for each other. They drank the same kind of alcohol (the cheapest one), took the same kind of drugs (the cheapest ones), and had the same ambitions in life (to never be sober). They never wanted to have a child together, but somehow it happened anyway and Oliver was born. His life was hard right from the start and his childhood... well, what childhood? He spent most of his time trying to please his parents, doing everything they told him to do, earning money that they drank away, and, on top of that, loving and hating them simultaneously. It was a toxic environment but it was all he knew at that point.

When he was 18 years old, everything changed. His parent went to prison for theft and, as the investigation went on and on and on, child abuse and neglect. The trial was long, tiring, traumatic, and because of it, Oliver had to temporally put his education on hold. Instead, he focused on making enough money to support himself and ideally, moving out to a bigger city and leaving bad memories behind.

After a while, he finally succeeded and moved to Portsmouth, where he even applied to university. Thanks to a scholarship, he was able to continue his education and take on a part-time job at the same time, accomplishing something at last. He’s now set on freeing himself from the influence of his parents and being as normal as possible. 

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